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PROGROUP ENGINEERING, s.r.o. is a manufacturing and engineering company dedicated to providing comprehensive services to customers in the engineering industry.

Offered services
Project activities in construction
Authorized and welding supervision
Completion deliveries for the engineering, energetics and the other branches
Production, assembly, service, maintenance, inspections and tests of technological equipment and steel structures
Guarantee measurement and test operation

PROFLUID - Armatury - Fittings

PROFLUID, s.r.o. is a supplier of valves with accessories and devices for energy and other businesses. Exclusive representation of Weir Valves & Controls UK Ltd., MIV d.d.

Offered services
Supply of industrial valves to the sector
Valves for power engineering
Valves for gas
Valves for the chemical and petrochemical industry
Valves for metallurgy
Valves for water supply
Completion supplies
Service and inspection activities


REN Engineering, s.r.o.  supplier it offers services in design and assessment facilities, pipeline, steel structures and entire production units in the chemical, petrochemical, energy and engineering.

Offered services
Strength analysis
Thermal-hydraulic calculations
Design including approval of documentation
Development of computational SW tools