We produce pipe and pressure filters for cleaning potable and industrial water.

Pipe filters are designed for various technological devices. These filters are used to capture mechanical impurities as well as to clean them out. We produce flange pipe filters in designs: DN 150 to DN 300 for PN 10 to PN 25. The body of the filter and lid are made of steel in the material quality: GP240GH, P250GH, P355GH, the sieve is made of stainless stainless steel and EPDM seals.

We offer the production of pipe filters

Split by design
DN 150 to DN 300, PN 10
DN 150 to DN 300, PN 25

Function of pipe filters
Capture of mechanical impurities

Filter body: GP240GH, P250GH, P355GH
Sieve: stainless steel 1.4301, 1.4404, 1.4571
Seal: EPDM

Pressure filters belong to the group of refill filters. Pressure filters separate the impurities contained in the liquid. Specifically, these are mechanical impurities, Fe, Mn, etc. We produce type pressure filters with diameters of 450, 600, 800, 1200 mm. The body of the filter is made of carbon steel or selected stainless steel. Filters are filled with customized filtering cartridges according to specific cleanliness requirements for the output liquid. These filters are suitable for filtration of contaminated drinking and technological water.