We offer cooperation to companies, tradesmen in the field an authorized surveillance, control, inspection, consulting and leadership structures we provide processing of project documentation, exactly according to the requirements of the investor. We have prepared engineering for you that will deal with projects and process definite specifications according to your requirements.

Projektování - Welding projects
Projektování - Welding projects
Projektování - Welding projects
Projektování - Welding projects
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We offer you authorized surveys and inspection according to authorization low EU

Authorized supervision by in the processing project documentation
Realisation project documentation
Technological process of production
Technological process of assembly
Welding documentation
Plan checks and tests
Documentation work safety
Risk analysis
Individual program of quality assurance
Program the functional testing
Documentation of performance

Authorized supervision in the investment construction
Focus of the technological equipment of buildings
Management of construction
Management of project
Control activities

 Inženýrské projekty. Engineering projects.  Inženýrské projekty. Engineering projects.  Inženýrské projekty. Engineering projects.

Professional technical supervision we provide for specialization

Pressure equipment according to the regulations of PED 2014/68/EU
Device specifically proposed for energy units
Steel structures according to EN 1090 1-2-3, EXC1- EXC3, EN ISO 3834-2
Machinery and products according to No. 90/2016, No. 91/2016
Rail transport in accordance with EN 15085, CL1- CL4, CT1-CT4
Automotive industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Aerospace and space industry