We are experts in mechanical and electronic products. We develop and manufacture quality, unique and innovative technical equipment. Our products and components are designed for various industries.

Výroba - Welding production
Výroba - Welding production
Výroba - Welding production
Výroba - Welding production
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Serial production

On the basis of specific requests we prepare production of prototypes according to the proposed design of the part and product documentation. Then we set up all the manufacturing processes and technologies for mass production. During serial production, we use CNC machines, automated welding processes and 3D forms.

Serial production from stainless steel

At a professional level, we process stainless and stainless steels from which we produce specific stainless steel components of the highest quality and precision. We will make any atypical and design shape according to requirements.

We deliver products for specialization

Pressure equipment according to the regulations of PED 2014/68/EU
Device specifically proposed for energy units
Steel structures according to EN 1090 1-2-3, EXC1- EXC3, EN ISO 3834-2
Machinery and products according to No. 90/2016, No. 91/2016
Rail transport in accordance with EN 15085, CL1- CL4, CT1-CT4
Automotive industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Aerospace and space industry