Technological and machinery equipment

We provide technological units as well as we weld pipe components, steel structures and other welded parts. Components are available in the following quality materials: carbon steel, alloy steel, creep-resisting steel, stainless steel, aluminum and Ni alloys.

Svařování - Welding

We offer production of Weldments, steel structures, apparatus to measure

Production technology
Steel tanks and pressure equipment
Selected device specifically proposed for energy units
Type heat exchangers
Piping components
Membrane walls
Stators for steam turbines
Water turbines
Gas turbines
Base frames of the machine
Industrial cabinets
Production lines and conveyors

Production structures
Steel structures
Type frames of stainless steels
Special construction of Al and Ni alloys
Titanium frames

Welding methods in accordance with EN ISO 4063
141 (GTAW)
111 (SMAW)
131/135 (GMAW)
136/138 (FCAW)

Process of welding preparation and implementation with EN ISO 3834
Professional higher welding personnel with qualifications IWE/EWE, IWI-(C) according to EN ISO 14731
Inspection welding personnel with qualifications IWI-C
Welders according to EN ISO 9606-1, 2, PED 2014/68/EU
Determination of welding procedures according to EN ISO 15614… with WPS, WPQR
Control according to EN ISO 9712, level II, VT, UT,UTP, PT, RT
Notified inspection supervision according to ISO 17020

Welding apparatus
Fronius TPS 500i, Fronius TransSteel 3500, Fronius Transpuls Synergic 3200, Fronius Transtig 1700, Fronius Tanspocket 2000, Fronius Magic cleaner, Kemppi Mastertig 2500 W ACDC, Kemppi Kempact, Plasma apparatus Migatronic Zeta 60, ESAB LHF 400

 Svařování. Welding.  Svařování. Welding.  Svařování. Welding.

We supply for specialization

Pressure equipment according to the regulations of PED 2014/68/EU
Device specifically proposed for energy units
Steel structures according to EN 1090 1-2-3, EXC1- EXC3, EN ISO 3834-2
Machinery and products according to No. 90/2016, 91/2016
Automotive industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Aerospace and space industry