PROGroup Engineering decided to implement the integrated system of quality management according to EN ISO 9001 in connection system of quality in welding process according to EN ISO 3834-2. Company holds EU certificates – professional competence of producer of pressure equipment for products according to Directive of the European Parliament and Council of PED 2014/68/EU. For scope: Design, production, reconstruction, assembly and testing of pressure equipment. Certified system of production of Dispenser Integration machinery according to Directive of the European Parliament and Council of 2006/42/EC.

Certifikace - Certification
Certifikace - Certification
Certifikace - Certification
Certifikace - Certification
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Philosophy of PROGroup Engineering

Technical research and development
Advanced technical solutions
Progressive production technologies
Applied project management
Processes on the quality
Optimal economic solution
Management of human resources
Dynamic growth of group

Value of PROGroup Engineering

Quality of service and products
Team work

PROGroup Engineering announces this quality policy

A satisfied customer who will have certainty about the stability of the quality of our services is the focus of our interest.

Quickly, efficiently and competently respond to customer requirements.

Permanent monitoring of the development of processes in the field of our activities, new customer requirements and continuous modernization of the machinery, equipment, working environment, and update the documented procedures gives the Group and customer assurance that not only his current requirements, but also future expectations will be met.

Stable level of quality for our customers, we are building on a quality system complying with the requirements of the standards EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 3834-2.

Certifikace. Certification. Certifikace. Certification. Certifikace. Certification.